How we can help you

Our services

Advice and support in entering the Czech or Portuguese market

The core task of the CPCC is to assist its members in form of advisory, coordination of negotiations at sectoral level, campaigns and any other activities that could be of benefit to companies doing business in both countries.

We will arrange you with services to facilitate your entry into the Czech market. We offer packages for newcomers, whether in the form of setting up a new company and setting up related processes or assisting in acquisition of an existing company. We will also help you in case you are interested in entering the Portuguese market.

We will provide all the administrative and legal support in connection with the establishment of the company, contact with the banks, setting up accounting, payroll and tax agenda, or arranging liability insurance. All this without having to travel from Portugal to the Czech Republic.

We will provide you with an outline of the legislation applicable in the Czech Republic and Portugal in the areas relevant to your business.

Information on specific services can be found here.

Promotion of your company

CPCC supports the promotion of its members by organizing various events (e.g. roundtable meetings, luncheons, business seminars related to different sectors and topics) and also cooperates in organizing other events with chambers of commerce of other countries.

VIP members are offered promotion on the Chamber’s website (including promotion of their company news and events) and invitations to exclusive events organized for VIP members.

If you are interested, we can provide you advertising space on our website We can also help you arranging PR advisory, media monitoring, crisis communications or marketing content and advertising.

Acquisition of a company in the Czech Republic

We will help you to find a suitable target company and suitable financing.

In the event of an acquisition of a company in the Czech Republic, we will assist you with legal, financial and tax due diligence and the preparation of related transaction documentation.

We will arrange you with legal, tax, accounting and financial support for your business in the Czech Republic or Portugal.

Regular meetings

We organize and participate in networking meetings on both the Chamber and Embassy platforms. We will enable you to communicate with both the Portuguese Embassy in the Czech Republic and the Czech Embassy in Portugal.

We organize and participate in meetings between business people and public officials in charge of representing their respective sectors. The purpose of these meetings is, among other things, to provide our members with the opportunity to participate in the legislative process in their area of interest.

We can also help you find a suitable business partner in the Czech Republic and Portugal.