About us

The Czech-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (the Chamber) is an association, whose organization and activities are governed by the relevant provisions of Act no. 89/2012 Coll., civil code. The Chamber, was founded in March 2016 with the support of Mrs Manuela Franco, a Portuguese ambassador in the Czech Republic, and has its registered office in Prague.

The main mission of the Chamber is to promote all-round development of mutual business between the Czech and Portuguese companies and to encourage non-business entities in their activities in the Czech Republic and Portugal. Another goal is to support and develop the business and cultural cooperation in both countries and create room for communication and discussion with the intention thereof.

The Chamber aims to work closely especially with the Czech Chamber of Commerce, the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic and other institutions with a similar orientation, which operate in the Czech Republic and Portugal, as well as with the central state administration bodies or local governmental authorities, including the embassies of both states.

Management of the Chamber

The statutory body of the Chamber is the Board of directors, constituted by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

Mgr. Bořivoj Líbal

Mgr. Bořivoj Líbal, Chairman of the Chamber
tel: +420 608 200 077
e-mail: libal@czptchamber.eu
address: Na Poříčí 1079/3a, 110 00, Praha 1


Dr. Pedro Vasco Rocha Gonçalves

Dr. Pedro Vasco Rocha Gonçalves, Vice-Chairman of the Chamber
tel: +420 602 807 598
e-mail: rocha@czptchamber.eu


Mgr. Eliška Košťálová

Mgr. Eliška Hurychová, Coordinator
tel: +420 734 798 871
e-mail: kostalova@czptchamber.eu


Michal Jekielka

Mgr. Michal Jekielek, Financial Director
tel: +420 734 354 284
e-mail: jekielek@czptchamber.eu



The Chamber launched its website on 1 January 2017. In the near future we plan to organize a press conference. You will be informed about the exact date on our website.

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